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Скорость потока: 2-1500 л/мин Максимальное давление: 2500 бар/36200 пс

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Construction Site Fire Extinguishers & Equipment

Being part of the Fire team means you are valued as a whole person, not just someone who gets the job done. Click each area below to see the tangible support Resideo offers employees through life’s phases and journeys.

Each year there are a number of serious fires on construction sites and buildings undergoing refurbishment. Hot Work such as flame cutting, welding, grinding, soldering, or paint stripping; as well as temporary electrical equipment and combustible materials, all pose fire risks.

Other fire risks in this environment include processes using flammable substances; faulty electrical apparatus or machinery; faulty or unattended equipment in portacabin kitchenettes and tea rooms and carelessly discarded smoking materials coming into contact with flammable items.

Our Scope Of Work

We also provide information on the latest technological advances and the latest innovations in building fire protection and safety products.

Why Firechief?

Here at Fire, we want you to feel safe. Our mission is to work hard every day to protect lives and property from fire by providing a range of fire safety products that can be trusted to perform when the heat is on.

Firechief products carry a range of accreditations such as the BSI Kitemark, LPCB approval, MED certification, CE mark and Apragaz QA.

The Firechief range includes high performance fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire equipment cabinets and stands, fire alarm equipment, fire hose and brigade equipment, fire suppression systems, fire pumps and fire safety signage. Our products are suitable for use in every environment including at the office, in commercial and public buildings, on construction sites, in hotels – and in your home.