EW Stainless Steel Chemical Pump Customizable 168-317L/min 70-160bar
1 piece
  • Min. Order: 1
  • Specification Code: EW
  • Specification Description: Stainless Steel
High Pressure Pump
EW Series High Pressure Plunger Pump
ModelFlowPressure RangePump SpeedBoreMax Liquid Temp.Shaft Dia.WeightDimensions
L/minbarr.p.mmm71℃50mm290 kg775*479*332 mm
EW40/ EWU401686.9-16068040
EW50/ EWU502156.9-13558050
EW55/ EWU553176.9-7068055
custom high pressure plunger pump stainless steelduplex chemical pumpcustom high pressure gear pump
EW Plunger Pump, also called chemical pump, osmosis pump, custom pump, gear pump, high pressure plunger pump.
It is widely used in high pressure, large flow and occasions where the flow needs to be adjusted. 
EW series is 316L stainless steel pump, EWU series is 2205 duplex stainless steel pump. EW series pumps can be matched with gearboxes and support customization.