70bar Portable washing machine with 12Lpm
Features & Benefits:
1. Pressure Regulating
2. Triples Plunger Pump
3.Brass Pump Cylinder
4. Self Suction
5. Overload Protection
7. Multipurpose (commercial)
8. Total Stop

Standard Accessories
Trigger gun with two tips nozzles
Electrical Cable, oil resistant – 15m
High Pressure Hose – 10m
  • Botolini is the largest manufacturer of plunger pumps in China.
    The products have a wide flow rate: 2-1500L/Min,
    and the maximum pressureis 2500bar/36000 psi.
    The company is involved in: cleaning, spraying, pressurization,
    pressure testing,oil fracturing, coal mine brick exploration,
    boiler water supply,seawater desalination, sewage treatment
    and other applications
    this electric car washer is very good forcar washing  .
    it with KLV Series car washer pump and  
    1.8kw power with 12 litres per minutes flow spraying。

  • high pressure car washer

    high pressure hose

    Min. Order:1

  • Color:/

  • Specification Code:FM1207

  • Specification Description:12L/MIN ,70BAR

  • electric car washer

    Application areas:
    floor cleaning
    Guardrail cleaning
    glass cleaning
    car wash
    Property cleaning