DSPEP Water Pump for High-Pressure Cleaning
1 piece
  • Min. Order: 1
  • Specification Code: DSPEP
  • Specification Description: Stainless Steel
Plunger Pump
DSPEP Series High Pressure Plunger Pump
ModelFlow RateMax PressurePowerSpeedPlunger DiaStroke
constant pressure well pump Pratissoli800bar pressure pumps power cleaningpressure clean water pump 25kwindustrial pump high pressure stainless steel

The DSPEP triplex plunger pump, also called pressure pumps, constant pressure well pump, industrial pump, sump pump cleaning, clean water pump, wastewater pump,
is a cold water spray plunger pump with stainless steel head. 
It is best for car washing, truck washing, floor washing, sewer washing, rust removal, concrete removal and other applications.

Our plunger pumps have a 1-2 year warranty.  We provide 24/7 online technical support to provide you with considerate service.