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Flow Rate : 2-1500 L/min Max Pressure: 2500Bar/36200PSI

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Hydraulic extrusion refers to drilling holes with coal electric drills along the coal wall in front of the working face, and then high-pressure water injection is carried out after sealing the holes to squeeze out the gas in the pressure relief zone near the coal wall.
This method has three effects:
1. The coal body is fractured through high pressure water injection, which reduces the possibility of coal outbursts and plays a role in eliminating outbursts.
2. Through high-pressure water injection, the free gas in the coal fractures is squeezed out in advance, which reduces the amount of gas gushing and greatly reduces the problem of gas accumulation.
3. After the coal seam is injected with water, the coal body can be pre-wetted to make it lose its ability to fly, thereby effectively eliminating the dust source and playing a role in dust prevention. At the same time, high-pressure water is injected into the coal body to wrap the coal body, preventing the gas from being adsorbed again.
Hydraulic extrusion solves the outstanding problems of gas accumulation and coal, and provides technical support for the safe production of coal mines, thereby greatly improving the economic benefits of coal mine production.
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