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Flow Rate : 2-1500 L/min Max Pressure: 2500Bar/36200PSI

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The CO2 booster pump is a pneumatic booster product, which has the characteristics of reliable structure, high stability, reasonable design of the check valve diameter, and low temperature and wear resistance of the sealing ring. The booster pump can be driven by compressed air to output very high carbon dioxide pressure in a self-boosting manner.

The working principle of the CO2 pumps is to use the high pressure formed by the area difference between the driving piston (low pressure driving gas) and the boosting piston (high pressure output end) and determine the output flow direction of the pressurized medium through the one-way valve at the high pressure output end. The output pressure and the air pressure at the drive end form a certain proportional relationship, the pump stops working, and when the pressure is unbalanced (high-pressure gas consumption), the pump automatically opens to supplement the pressure.

The characteristics of CO2 pumps are as follows:
·Small size, easy to carry
·Easy to disassemble
·Large flow
·High filling rate of supercharger
·The sealing ring is imported from abroad with strong durability
·The design conforms to the physical characteristics of carbon dioxide and can meet the filling and pressurization needs of customers
·Safe, environmentally friendly, no sparks, can be used in dangerous situations

The application range of CO2 pumps is as follows:
·Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction pressurization experiment
·Filling and filling of cylinders and other vials
·Recycling of carbon dioxide cylinder gas and liquid
·University labs to study the properties of dry ice formation under high pressures of carbon dioxide.

Botuo Pumps have passed many tests in practice, with stable performance, long service life and reliability in a wide range of applications. For CO2 booster system, Botuo is your best choice.