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Flow Rate : 2-1500 L/min Max Pressure: 2500Bar/36200PSI

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The ultra-high pressure greenhouse humidification control system is mainly used in large, medium and small greenhouses of facility agriculture. The principle is to use a high-pressure pump to pressurize the water and atomize it through the high-pressure pipeline to the high-pressure nozzle to form a water mist, create good and fresh air, and the mist droplets evaporate quickly, thereby achieving the effects of increasing air humidity, reducing ambient temperature and removing dust.

In addition to the above functions, the greenhouse planting spray humidification system also has multiple functions such as spraying, disinfection, and cleaning. Kill multiple birds with one stone, use the economy. The system has low cost, low operation and maintenance cost, is economical and practical, and can realize unmanned automatic control.

Greenhouse spray humidification adopts intelligent frequency conversion, energy saving and electricity saving, fast humidification speed, wide atomization range, fine atomization particles, which is conducive to absorption, automatic temperature and humidity induction, and uniform cooling, which can ensure a stable and high yield of plants in the greenhouse, and effectively prevent the greenhouse. Plant drought and diseases, reduce pesticide usage, and improve economic benefits.

Botuo Pumps have passed many tests in practice, with stable performance, long service life and reliability in a wide range of applications. Botuo is your best choice for spray humidification in greenhouses.