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Flow Rate : 2-1500 L/min Max Pressure: 2500Bar/36200PSI

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For exterior automatic cleaning, auto parts shops use a single gun with a flow rate of 3-5 GPM and a pressure of 55-83 bar. These systems can be used for high pressure cleaning of the exterior of cars, but also for cleaning items such as floor mats.

Portable extractors are often used for cleaning the interior of vehicles. It delivers pressurized water and/or cleaning solution to carpets or other interior surfaces while extracting (evacuating) dirty water. Pressurized water and vacuum systems are typically applied using a wand and have a shut-off valve to control when water is applied. Water or cleaning solutions are typically heated up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. These systems typically operate below 1 GPM at 20-35PSI. Our newest range of oil extraction pumps also eliminates the need for oil or grease that can stain carpets or surfaces. This is achieved by using the fluid being pumped as a lubricant.

Botuo Pumps have passed many tests in practice, with stable performance, long service life and reliability over a wide range of applications, for all high pressure applications, external cleaning or portable extractors, Botuo Pumps are your best choice.