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Flow Rate : 2-1500 L/min Max Pressure: 2500Bar/36200PSI

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Urban sewers make the city cleaner and more beautiful, but after long-term use of the sewers, due to the continuous deposition of sludge, domestic waste and microorganisms, the diameter of the pipes will gradually become smaller, which will affect the drainage speed and cause the sewer pipes to be blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly dredge and clean the sewer pipes.

The most common method of unclogging cleaning is pressure washer cleaning. In simple terms, a high-pressure cleaner is actually a high-pressure water gun system. The high-pressure pump runs at a high speed and completes a process of suction and discharge of water. During this process, ordinary water will become high-pressure and low-speed water and will be transported to the water through the high-pressure pipe. at the high pressure nozzle. The water needs to be accelerated for the small diameter holes on the front and rear sides of the high-pressure nozzle, forming a high-pressure high-speed water jet. The water sprayed backward will generate a thrust on the nozzle, pushing the nozzle to drive the high-pressure water pipe forward. At the same time, the high-pressure water flow will flush and dredge the pipe wall and can bring the sundries out of the pipe.

The high-pressure water gun cleans the pipeline, which can quickly clean the inner wall of the pipeline, and it is completely cleaned by water, which is very environmentally friendly.

Botuo pumps have passed many tests in practice, they have stable performance, long service life, and reliability in a wide range of use. For sewer pipeline dredging and cleaning, Botuo is your best choice, and we provide you with Long-lasting, low-cost high-pressure pumps and accessories.