A car wash, carwash, or auto wash is a facility used to clean the exterior,and in some cases the interior of motor vehicles.

Usually use less professional equipment to open a car wash location to provide car wash services for your customers

Flow rate :8-15litres per minutes

Pressure rate: 50-140bar 

Recommended model: BM Series /KBM Series/KLS Series/KLS Series


water blasting

Hydraulic removal of concrete is the process of using high-pressure water jet equipment to effectively remove old and damaged concrete.High pressure water jet crushing concrete will not damage the internal structure of buildings. It can quickly and effectively remove the chloride and other pollutants on the covered surface and avoid dust pollution. It has the advantages of safety, efficiency, accuracy, environmental protection and economy.

Recommended model: DSP2250 Series /DSPEP2280 Series/GDT Series

water blaster

Touchless wash

Like soft-touch car washes, touchless car washes are automated, with the vehicle passing through a tunnel where it is cleaned. However, touchless car washes do not use the foam or cloth applicators that soft-touch washes use, instead relying on high-pressure washers to clean and rinse the vehicle. Sensors utilized by these washes allow for a more precise clean along with the vehicle's exact shape. To compensate for not physically contacting the vehicle, touchless washes use higher pressures and more caustic detergents than ordinary car washes. Because the vehicle is not physically touched during a touchless wash, the vehicle is at a lower risk of being damaged. However, touchless washes have a harder time cleaning off tougher materials or reaching difficult-to-reach locations on vehicles, and their usage of stronger chemicals can potentially damage a vehicle's paint finish

Flow rate :30-70 Litres per minutes

Pressure rate: 120-140 bar

Recommended model: GT Series /GF Series


Directional drilling is a kind of pipeline construction technology in the engineering technology industry, which is generally used for the construction of oil, natural gas and some municipal pipelines.Directional drilling refers to the use of water pump / mud pump to push the fluid into the drill bit, and bentonite and polymer to pump water to lubricate the drill bit, float the waste rocks and materials, and solidify the inside of the hole wall.

Drilling Pumps

Petrol chemical

Cleaning the equipment in the petrochemical industry can improve the working efficiency and prolong the service life of the equipment.High pressure water can clean and remove algae, carbon, plastics, asbestos, wax, paraffin, grease and raw material residues, minerals, calcium sulfate, chloride and iron oxide in petrochemical heat exchangers, boilers, storage tanks, reactors, pipelines and cooling towers.


High pressure descaling is a kind of technology to remove surface deposits by delivering water at high pressure.In the process of steelmaking in steel plants, spraying high-pressure water is a method to improve the quality of steel.


Reverse osmosis, one of the seawater desalination methods, is a membrane separation operation that uses pressure difference as a driving force to separate the solvent from the solution. It is a process of forcing water from the more concentrated solution to the lower concentration solution by applying a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure to the more concentrated solution.

Recommended model: LT Series /EW Series/EF Series


Sewer cleaning

The high-pressure water jet cleaning of sewage means that the high-pressure pump in the high-pressure cleaning machine operates at high speed to form a high-pressure and high-speed jet of water, which is ejected through the nozzle and generates thrust. The nozzle drives the high-pressure water pipe forward. At the same time, the high-pressure water flow flushes and dredges the pipes, eliminates the stubborn blockage in the drainage pipes and sewer pipes, and the cleaning is efficient and rapid, pollution-free, economic and environmental friendly.

sewer cleaning

Spunlace nonwoven process

1. During the process of hydroentangling, the carded fibers are bonded by means of jets with high pressurized water entangling the fibers with each other and consolidating the web.

2. The humidity control of the textile factory has a direct impact on the output and quality of the products, so the humidity control can be carried out through the high-pressure water atomization system. Precise humidification according to needs, with high flexibility.

Recommended model: GTF Series


Atomization means that the liquid is dispersed into tiny droplets and sprayed out in the form of mist through a nozzle or by a high-speed air flow.Landscape spray refers to the water passing through the atomizing equipment and under the pressure of the plunger pump, which is ejected by the atomizing nozzle at high speed to form a mist mass floating in the air. It has many functions such as beautifying landscape design, cooling and humidifying, purifying air, and reducing dust.

 misting machine
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